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'the real problem is that people get offended too easily' = mainsplainese for 'my life would be so much easier if there weren't all these people around to challenge my privilege'


“I’m real proud of my record collection”



“I’m real proud of my record collection”


life is enormous

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(follow-up to this)

Dude. I … no. If this was commentary, it was bad commentary. If this was satire, it was bad satire. If this was a joke, it was an…

i’ve been trying to find someone else who feels the same way i do about this bizarre situation and i think i found the right one. though i don’t feel any sort of rage or disgust or whatever that is so common on tumblr when people get offended. mostly i’m just confused and kinda sad with myself

This is the real problem with John’s ‘message’, whatever the hell it was. As my friend dotjpg said in her reblog, “the people who were hurt were already hurting.” If he was taking aim at people who believe depression is fake, he missed broadly and hit the people who have been told that depression is fake.

The whole exercise was so cynical and ill-conceived, and while I am sad that this is probably making John suffer, I’m angry that he externalized his suffering this way. It’s not just bad for him, it’s bad for us too.


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and the followup

'The idea that a person could believe that all depressed people are “faking it” is funny.'



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re: john campbell/PfSC

a thing I learned today:

apparently it is HILARIOUS to pretend to pretend that you have depression (???).

after a bit of looking around it does seem that the piece was at least intended as a joke

but it’s a pretty shitty joke and here’s why:

1. there’s no clear target. is JC satirizing people who actually fake depression? people who accuse others of faking depression? people who are actually depressed?

2. the language too closely mirrors actual language used by privileged (healthy) people to devalue the real experiences of people with depression. shit like: ‘each of my comics suggests and defends the notion that depression is not a “real” experience, but one of many non-real experiences that are culturally and socially enforced by language and the apparent limits we place on our own perceptions.’

that forced distinction between ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ experiences is something depressed people are all too familiar with, and copying and pasting it from the popular lexicon doesn’t serve to make fun of it. the thing about satire is you actually have to use exaggeration to draw out the ugly parts of whatever you happen to be satirizing.

3. there are entire paragraphs in the piece that contain no content. like this one:

There seems to be a sense that “something is wrong” and as you fake this sense, and investigate it more deeply in order to fake it better, you begin to suspect that sense is the thing that is wrong. There are a great deal of things in the universe and most if not all of them are going somewhere else and becoming different things. So the feeling that everything is “not as it should be” is both accurate and appropriate. Things will be different soon.

good job mr. campbell you just used 85 words to say absolutely nothing.

4. the comic john campbell writes isn’t one that would necessarily come from a place of depression. if the artist is trying to make fun of himself for being such a downer all the time he really needs to be more of a downer to begin with. cute, wry, and slightly melancholy stick figure drawings don’t merit the joke. I don’t care what the title of the comic is.

so basically what we have here is a watery, sprawling attempt at humor that misses all the notes that would make it effective or productive and instead just brazenly stabs at the real experiences of real people with real depression. if you’re going to write ‘offensive’ humor it actually has to be funny and insightful to be worth it. 

in summary:

dear john campbell please stop trying to write more than 15 words at once 

thank you

demonizing racism

one of the subliminal enemies of social progress is the tendency to demonize groups of people who have been positively, unequivocally proven by history to be ‘the bad guys.’

say, nazis. say, the KKK.

we don’t think of these people as humans. we think of them as monsters. as myths.

we think of them as being in no way, shape or form anything like us. because we cultivate the need to think of ourselves as good people.

we forget that they were humans, swayed by social forces. acutely destructive social forces, but not outside human capacity.

they were just dudes following dudes.

if we think of racism and other hateful forces as inhuman, we start automatically forgiving ourselves when we do racist hateful shit. because we’re humans. because that’s ‘not like us.’

'I'm not a racist. nothing I do can be racist. I don't care if you tell me I'm being racist. I don't think of myself as racist.'

etc. etc.

and so microaggressions propagate and people keep on being racist pieces of shit because feeling good about themselves is more important to them than examining themselves.

demonizing the villains of history is a volatile naivete.

I’ve been trying to think of the bad dudes as humans.

I’ve been trying to understand the ways they were convinced by other humans to destroy so much. I try to see how similar forces of destruction remain at work today.

I try to assume that because I was reared within white supremacy, there are bits and pieces inside of me that are hateful and racist. there will always be bits and pieces inside of me that are hateful and racist.

I try to burn them away when I can, to face them head on and to change my thought patterns so that they’re not an active part of my behavior.

but it’s dangerous to assume they’re not there. it’s dangerous to forgive yourself without thinking about it

it’s safer to assume that you are a blind hateful privileged piece of shit. for the world. for the people around you without that privilege.

say it with me white people: I am a blind hateful privileged piece of shit.

stop feeling good about yourself for no reason other than the fact that you exist and start destroying the shitty parts inside of you.

self-esteem kills babies. now you know.


Modern Freaks

it’s ok TMCM you can live with me for always


Modern Freaks

it’s ok TMCM you can live with me for always